Friday, February 29, 2008


What a great movie! There's a room in our home dedicated to movies, which Matt lovingly refers to as "The Media Center". This means that even though we're watching a DVD (Blu-ray) at home, it feels like a theater! It's projected BIG and beautiful, and in it's proper aspect ratio. This brings me to my first comment about this amazing film. It's animation and it's in scope ratio of 2.35:1! WOW! It's truly incredible what can be accomplished with animation now: The manipulation of the depth of field was astonishing! To see a "dolly-in, zoom-out" in an animated movie was jaw dropping. And the water effects! And the fur effects! Stunning. Animation has come so far, so fast. Matt reminded me how groundbreaking TOY STORY was, and how those effects look primitive compared to these. And the storytelling was sophisticated. It began with a gun shot in the house, and freeze framed the rat in mid air. Then it WENT BACK to the beginning of the story, and subtly relived the same moments. Loved it! And to have the film narrated by the rat in first person --nice! The actual story was great too. The main rat character Remy reminded me so much of Matt! Watching his love and talent for food, and attention to all the details that others take for granted was JUST LIKE Matt's love of film, film history and film making! It made me smile. I love that this Disney movie is about true passion (and not just romantic passion) and following your life's calling. It's a call to be brave, reveal your true self, and create a life you love from it. From all angles, I felt this movie simply was a joy!

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