Sunday, February 3, 2008

I Spy Fisher Stevens

If you know me at all, you'll know I'm really into coincidences. And so I've decided to name a whole category after it. This is my first entry.

Last week Dave referred me to Greene Street Films. One of the principals there is actor Fisher Stevens. I knew the name but could not picture the face, and so we rented FACTOTUM. Then a few days later, per their invitation, I sent the script for ODD BRODSKY over to Greene Street. That same night, my next Netflix arrived, which just so happened to be LISA PACARD IS FAMOUS, which was produced by Greene Street, and features Fisher Stevens. (I rented this film, because the overall theme reminded me of ODD BRODSKY). And then the next night, we were watching the final National Democratic Convention debate on TV, and who does the camera land on in the audience? Fisher Stevens! (Apparently he's quite active politically.) Later that same night, we tuned in for the season premier of "Lost" (a show we don't normally watch), only to find Fisher Stevens is now acting on it! HA! Fisher Stevens is suddenly everywhere I look! A sign? Maybe... Fisher might actually be good as Joe in our film. It's certainly a coincidence. I like coincidences because they make me feel like I'm in sync with the World.

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Lisa Lee said...

I can definitely see him in this movie and, in fact, seems meant to be! Nothing is just mere coincidence. It's a sign meaning you're on the right path. Yay! :)