Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Plan A, Plan B, Plan C

Working in all areas of the development of this film (the script, the budget, schedule, shot-listing, planning), has all gone so smoothly! It's so much fun. I just love film and the whole business of it. The only part I feel a bit stalled on is the financing (which of course is always the part that takes the longest, and is the least fun). Raising this much money is new territory for me. I have a vision of getting my equity funding all from one source (and potentially using incentives and gap financing to fill in). But of course, the fall back plan is to go the traditional route and sell shares to private investors. (Currently my goal is Plan B.)

These are the three scenarios:
Plan A: Raise $3-14M, cast name actors, union crew, shoot 35mm 3-perf with digital intermediate. Team with larger co-production company. Share (or relinquish) creative control. Shoot in Los Angeles

Plan B: Raise $1-3M, cast name/face actors, union crew, shoot 35mm (or possibley super 16), 3-perf w/digital intermediate (?). Team with an experience producer, or hot up and comer. Shoot in LA or a state with a larger tax incentive.

Plan C: Raise up to $1M, I play Audrey, non-union crew, exchange ownership for labor (?) Shoot HiDef w/35mm adapters. (Crazy as it sounds, this is the most risky scenario, but also has the most potential for return on investment!)

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Lisa Lee said...

Hang in there, and stick to what you have orginally visioned for it, including Rachel as Audrey! If things arent happening yet, it may be for a good reason. Timing is everything. So many times I have wanted a certain something- and it ended up being a huge blessing that I didnt get my wish, because something else MUCH better happened and that wouldnt have otherwise. :)

Keep the faith, and hang in there. :) I know it will all come together when the time is right.