Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lunch with Shak

While here in Portland Matt and I had lunch with a dear friend of Matt's from USC Grad School. Andrew went to the Stark Producing program and was kind enough to give me some great advice. He made a fantastic observation about me, which I always knew, but never paid attention to. I'm on the outside of Hollywood. I do things my own way. (And I've always taken a lot of pride in that). But maybe that's the hard way. Andrew said that with my history and accolades, maybe I could bag myself a great agent. Producer Chris Wyatt had also suggested the same thing if I was serious about creating a long-term career. Maybe it's time. I do have some amazing references. I never liked the idea of paying 10% of my salary for work I created myself. But it's worth it if I'm at a place where I could be going out on other people's projects. And having an agent would give me easier access to packaging. I'm game!

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