Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Travel Thoughts

Whenever I travel I get my best ideas... My gut feeling is that maybe I should try and make this movie for all little as possible (under $1M). One of my greatest strengths is getting people excited about my projects, and finding good deals. I bet I could even still get name actors! And according to Chris Wyatt, independent films with budgets between $2M and $10M are considered "no man's land". The more money it costs upfront, the bigger the minimum advance you'd need to break even later, potentially condensing the number of distributors able to bid on the film.

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Lisa Lee said...

Personally, I think this is a great idea! I dont think I'm alone in saying I am so much more excited and inspired by films that are shot with an extremely small budget. I like to see just how much someone can do with as little resources as possible. Less is more, in my opinion. And it really inspires me.

I think people can get more excited and get behind projects that seem like "hey maybe someday I too can create a work of art like that". Like taking a dream and making it more humanly possible. Accessible. An aspiring filmmaker on a very very small budget would want to feel "wow, maybe I can do that too".

You don't need a Steven Spielberg budget to create a masterpiece. Some of the best films I have ever seen were shot on a shoestring budget. Maybe even a HALF a shoestring! ;-D

I'm babbling. Haha! But hopefully you understand what I mean. :)