Friday, February 1, 2008

The Extreme Follow Up

Today I'm heading out to Las Vegas to hopefully meet up with Canon USA one more time regarding brand integration for ODD BRODSKY. The big guy doesn't know I'm coming, so I hope he takes this meeting! It would be a real bummer to drive 4 hours each way for nothing. I know it's a gamble, but I've got to do it. His office is in New York, but he's out in Vegas for this trade show. I'm so much better face-to-face, and it's been 3 weeks since our first meeting.

I've put together a new packet of additional material to present: A PURGATORY HOUSE DVD (which shows Canon's presence in the "Behind the Scene Interviews" touting their equipment, and in the "LA Premiere" footage, and also features their logo, and shows us thanking them by name), Matt's D.P. reel (which shows samples of his gorgeous cinematography), The PURGATORY HOUSE press book (containing many fun articles and accolades, including mentions of their products in my interviews), Our book of fan mail (demonstrating our connection with an audience), The ASC Awards program book (which I noticed that Canon sponsored an ad in), and the MORBID CURIOSITY presskit (which shows the rave reviews I got directing a short comedy).
Now let's hope he takes the meeting... Wish me luck!