Thursday, February 7, 2008

Game Show Mojo

The coincidences are piling up! Three coincidences in one day. Here is Coinkydink #3: For years I've had this goal of winning big money on a game show. My friend Katrina and I were even on the pilot episode of "Deal or No Deal", but it never aired. (It was before they brought in Howie Mandel and revamped the whole show.) Anyway, a few weeks ago I heard about a new game show that was looking for contestants, and the casting director's name was Marla Brodsky. I emailed her to say I had a feeling I should contact her even though I don't think I'm a good match for her game show. I told her how the name of my movie was the same as her name, and asked if she was related to my friend Robin Brodsky in Boston. Well, it turns out that although she is NOT related to Robin, she knows her! They went to camp together as kids!!! How CRAZY is that? She lives 5 minutes from me and we're meeting there for lunch today.

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