Thursday, February 7, 2008

In The Stars

Coinkydink #5: Last night at 7:44 PST was a solar eclipse, and marked the end of some sort of a 13-year planetary cycle in the sky, as well as a new moon. I was told that if I visualized our biggest goals right at that time (and throughout today), the Universe would be extremely receptive. I don't particularly believe in these things, but heck, it couldn't hurt. So at 7:44pm, I started to visualize our goals. Moments later Matt got an email from the director of the Hannah Montana movie, saying he really enjoyed their meeting today, and that he'd "had a hunch about Matt and loves that it was justified"! He wanted to know when Matt could meet the Disney producers. Woooo!!! --Now I should mention that a director doesn't usually contact the DP directly (they go through agents), AND it's usually a couple of days before you hear any feedback at all --not hours!

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