Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Canon is Innovative

Ha! Coinkydink #2. This is why. My #1 lead is matched with my theme word for the year! AND I just got an email back from the big guy! He's looking forward to watching the PH DVD and going over the packet. Keep your fingers crossed. Canon truly is the absolute perfect match for this project. And the reasons are too numerous to count! But I'll try. 1). My history with Canon: My first feature PH is one of the biggest Canon Success stories ever for the pro video dept. 2.) Each and every day Canon receives advertising to anyone who rents the PH DVD! 3). Our talented, well-known and successful team (cast and crew) will make a studio quality film for a fraction of the cost -making this an affordable investment! 4.) The script for OB has a good message, a wide demographic, and is about ordinary people using new technologies. 5). There's an aspiring filmmaker character that carries a video camera for 1/2 of OB! 6.) We can use actual video segment for his footage in the film. 7.) We can shoot all of the DVD extras and viral videos with Canon video cameras. 8.) There's a potential to earn money back --instead of just writing off marketing dollars 9.) It's product integration --which means their product is advertised in a way that can not be "forwarded" over or passed by (like commercials), and OB shows how great the product is without being a traditional "ad". 10) Beyond DVD audiences, additional niche marketing would be put in the hands of their target audiences at film festivals, and filmmaker events. 11) Canon is Innovative! --Their YouTube filmmaker challenge was a great idea. Just imagine what could be done in the hands of professional filmmakers like us! 13) It's a win win. We can't lose!

I just hope they can see it the way I do.

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