Saturday, February 16, 2008

OK Universe, I'm Ready

This is what a million dollar bill looks like. Universe, I'm ready! (This money blog is my new mantra). Please send along a few of these babies ASAP, because we're good to go! Really, I'm ready now: the movie is already budgeted, scheduled and even shot-listed! I've got Chris Wyatt who produced NAPOLEAN DYNAMITE (which is considered to be one of the most successful indies of all time!) on my team, and Matt Irving as my D.P., who's shot 15 features to date, most of which received homes with mini-majors including: Lions Gate, Mirimax, Fox Searchlight, etc... Four of his films have been at Sundance, ant two of his films made the top 10 on the box office chart. We've got AMAZING talent interested, including Rachel Dratch from Saturday Night Live (in what would be a break-out role for her), and it's a really funny, feel-good storyline with a subject that most people can relate to. We just need the money, and we're good to go! Okay Universe... I'm ready, ready, ready!! Thank you.

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Lisa Lee said...

Play the lottery! :) I know it might sound silly but hey.. SOMEONE has to win these things, and SOMEONE always does. It may as well be YOU! So give it a shot. :)

Best of luck, but I know you'll be hearing good news very soon about financing. So keep the faith! :) I have such a good feeling about this project.