Thursday, January 24, 2008

Robin Brodsky on "Wheel of Fortune"

Last summer my childhood friend Robin Curtin (AKA Robin Brodsky --who's last name I borrowed for my movie title) auditioned to be a contestent on "Wheel of Fortune" when they came to Boston, where she lives. A few weeks later I told Robin about Dances With Films' short film contest, and suggested she enter by writing a 2-minute script. She wrote a script called "Wheel of Misfortune" about what could happen if she went on the show. Well, her script was chosen to be produced, and I was chosen to direct. We shot and edited the short in 4 hours! (That's the premise of the contest). And it screened at the Leammle on Sunset Blvd. last July.

Now, 6 months later, "Wheel of Fortune" finally called Robin to be on the show! They flew her to Los Angeles and we tape it tomorrow! Katrina Gourley (the actress who played Robin in the short film) will be at the taping, along with Matt and me. We visioned it and now it's happening! Now lets vision her winning the top amount of money: $200,000!!!

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