Monday, January 14, 2008

The Perfect Packet

I wish I had the kind of personality that came up with my ideas all at once. Instead I think of things in pieces. It's frustrating sometimes.

When I arrived in Vegas, I brought the tailored promo packet for the pitch containing: the project overview, synopsis, key crew bios, casting info, budget, schedule, comps, revenue scenarios, marketing plan, demographics, the one-sheet for PURGATORY HOUSE and a few relevant articles from high profile publications to support my pitch.

After a few hours in Vegas, I realized what I really needed to include was a bullet-point list in four categories: why them, why me, why this project, and why now. So I quickly put those 2 pages together, found a printer, and added it to my packet. A lot of last minute work, but completely worth it. It brought the packet to the next level.

Now I'm back in L.A, wishing I had brought my flip-book for PURGATORY HOUSE! That would have been so impressive! It's page after page after page of the publicity we received. Very fun to thumb through. I completely forgot I even had it. And I should have included a PH DVD, so they could see the extras that plugged the company...

So now I guess I'll make a pdf of the packet, and email it over? Not the same "feel" as flipping through it...but better than nothing.

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Lisa Lee said...

That would definitely help! Good Luck! :) It's all happening! :)