Saturday, January 26, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Okay, now don't get me wrong. I LOVE the rain. I long for rain. To me rain is like a sign from the Universe to relax, breathe, take it easy, tune in to my senses, be present! I mean, there's almost nothing better than opening the windows and listening to the lulling sound of the rhythmic pitter-patter on the roof. So I'm not complaining, really. All I'm saying is that the timing could have been better. It took us 2 hours to pick Robin up at the airport. And see photo #1: This is what happened to her on our hike at Runyon Canyon Park Thursday. Thankfully, the rain cleared up just enough for a very nice mailman to snap a photo of us in front of the Hollywood sign. See photo #2.

Friday was her big day on "Wheel of Fortune". We actually made incredible time driving in the rain to Sony Studios in Culver city, thanks to Matt's clever route through Hollywood --avoiding the freeways. Robin did GREAT! She won a one-week trip to Venice, Italy and over $6,000 in cash! I take her to the airport in an hour. Tonight Matt and I have the ASC Awards. Luckily that's at Hollywood & Highland, so there'll be a cover overhead to protect our formal attire. Nothing like looking like a drowned rat at a fancy awards dinner. Ug. Wish me luck!

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