Friday, January 11, 2008

The Pitch

It's nice to be home! Tonight I'll be back in my own bed after 8 days on the road. Yesterday was the big day! I pitched ODD BRODSKY to Canon USA, asking them to finance the entire budget of the film! I feel so grateful to have this opportunity to present my project to the top dogs there.

I've gotta say... it went well! It may sound strange to ask a video company for money for a movie that's going to be shot on film, but it's actually a GREAT opportunity for all of us. In ODD BRODSKY there is a character called "Camera One" who carries around a video camcorder for about 1/2 the movie! Talk about great product placement for the Canon XH-A1! (which by the way is an amazing camera!) And a few of his segments would be shot on video. Plus we can shoot all of the "behind the scenes" and DVD extras with their great cameras too!

You see, many large companies (companies that are not even in the entertainment business to begin with) have started financing films! Companies like PepsiCo, Burger King, Chrysler, Dove and Gatorade. They're seeing this as not only a great change for long-term advertising, (writing off the money as a marketing expense in a traditional way), but as an additional chance to earn a revenue if the film makes a profit! So it's like spending money you'd spend anyway... and yet having an opportunity to get that money recouped and earn money in an innovative new way!

Although Canon has never done something as big as this in the past, I still have a really good feeling. And I am the PERFECT candidate! My first feature gave them a lot of mileage for very little cost, and was one of their greatest success stories! Every time someone watches the "Behind the Scenes" of the DVD they rent, Canon is showcased. Keep your fingers crossed...

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