Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Canon-4-Kids Fundraiser

Last night was the "Canon 4 Kids" Celebrity Gala to raise money for Missing Children at the Mandelay Bay in Las Vegas. We had a blast. The dinner was spectacular with prime rib, sushi, shrimp, and yummy pasta bar. The Beatles Tribute Band "The Fab Four" rocked the house. Matt and I saw them in 1999 on Catalina Island, when we were falling in love. Matt and I met Robert Hayes from AIRPLANE. What a funny guy! (See photo).

Also met Joel Gretsch from "The 4400" and the mini series "Taken".

I love both of those shows. Here's a snapshot of us at the party. I keep trying to think if there's any role he'd be right for in my next film, but nothing comes to mind... Let's see, who else was there tonight... "The Beev" -Jerry Mathers, Blair Underwood and his beautiful wife Desiree (who are going to rent "Purgatory House), and Colonel Cunningham who flew the first Apollo Mission!

And look who's hugging me! It's DAVY JONES from The Monkeys!
Ahhhhhh!!! Davy Jones is hugging me!

Later that night, he got on stage and sang "Daydream Beleiver" with "The Fab Four" and brought the house down! And as you can see if the life of the party.

I hear the benefit raised over $300,000. Way to go Canon USA! We love you!

Life is good.

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