Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday and Rainy

Mondays are always hard for me. But they are especially difficult after I've taken week-end time away from ODD BRODSKY. Now with the rain, how will I ever get motivated and accomplish everything I want for today? And I certainly do NOT feel like going to the gym in this weather. It's so hard working from the house. A friend of mine has an office in Hollywood that she's not using, and offered it to me. But a 1/2 hour drive each way would take a full hour out of my day that I can be working! Today I have 2 meetings: one for lunch and one for dinner, and so I feel like I'm not going to get anything done! Maybe I should use at least my friend's office for my meetings, instead of restaurants, which take so long. Oh I don't know. I guess I've got a case of "the Mondays" times two! Maybe I'll go back to bed.

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Lisa Lee said...

NO, going back to bed would definitely not get anything done. ;) But maybe you need a bit of down time in order to regroup. So, maybe resting IS getting something done after all! ;)

It will all come together. :)