Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Illusion of Busy

Today was one of those days where I worked the entire day, but felt like nothing was accomplished. As I spent ALL DAY on the computer (with the exception of going to the gym and food shopping --in preparation of Robin's visit) I wanted to be doing other things that I deemed more important. But truly, what I was doing was important. I just wish it was less time consuming. I mean, it needed to get done. I just don't have time! As it is, I don't respond to 1/2 my emails, because there would not be time for anything else. The problem is that every time I write an email, I get another email reply. And even the awesome emails which contain referrals that I am LUCKY to get, depress me, because it means more work. Sigh...

Things I accomplished today:
1. Pitched another product placement company about placing a car . 2. Got a personal referral from Dave to a fantastic production company (now need to pitch it!) 3. Got a referral from my genius friend Ren to a producer. 4. Got caught up on ALL MY EMAILS! (huge!) This includes responding to the pile of "Purgatory House" fan emails. 5. Proofed Matt's bio for the Santa Barbara Film Festival. 6. Followed up/Checked in with several producers, filmmakerss and friends who may think I've dropped off the planet. 7. Sent an announcement about Robin getting on "Wheel of Fortune". 8. Updated MySpace Pages for all films. 8. Scheduled a meeting with my potential new Mentee/intern. 9. Went through a weeks worth of mail. 10. Planned Robin's visit.

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