Monday, May 5, 2008

Sunrise Location Scouting

Matt and I were up at dawn to drive out to one of the locations for the next feature he's shooting.   This scene will shoot just after sunrise, and Matt will make look like dusk!  It's fun watching him work his magic.   When Matt was prepping WAITRESS we also did an early-morning scout; this time to the Halfway House diner, where we watched the sun rise and then had a yummy breakfast there.
The scene where the three women are sitting on the steps of the restaurant (left), and Earl picks up Jenna --was shot at noon!  I love the magic of movies. 


Matt said...

I love being "in town" on a movie, so I can scout with my brilliant wifey! But I must update the info... since this morning's scout, I've decided that the scene's only going to work if we shoot it night-for-night. So, alas, it won't involve quite so much cinematic trickery; it'll be "full night".