Friday, May 9, 2008


WOW!  This is amazing!  Have you heard of Enneagrams?  At my retreat, we did this activity. We took this short test to find out which personalities we were, and it's crazily on-the-money!  --I mean SCARY accurate!   I'm a "five -Investigator",  and a "seven-Enthusiast".  I've been reading more extensively about this, and it's so true!  As the Investigator, at my best, I'm innovative, seeing things in different ways than others do, and I can become too preoccupied with my thoughts.  I have a fear of losing myself to my thoughts.  As the Enthusiast, I'm grateful for everything, (even keep a daily gratitude journal), I am overly appreciative, and in awe of the world around me.  I'm optimistic, but become over-extended all the time.  This shows you how you are when you are at your healthiest, and most unhealthiest.  It's an incredible tool that's made me understand myself better, and not be so harsh on myself!  This tool has actually has improved my life!  What's your number?

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Lisa Lee said...

I'm a 7! Enthusiast!! As you can tell by the many explanations! lol!

Does seem to fit me well. Wow!

I also came very close (by one measly point less) to being:

2- the helper
4- the individualist
9- the peacemaker

Interesting! :)