Sunday, May 18, 2008

On a Roll

I'm on fire baby!  I'm obsessed and lovin' it! I've been working non-stop on THREE of my project this week, and they're progressing in huge ways! ODD BRODSKY: Additional high-profile companies are seriously considering product placement. (Woo Hoo!) POTA: (this is the new acronym for "Patron of the Arts"). I've researched this amazing idea and it appears that no other company is doing this!  I hope to apply for non-profit status this week, and meet with a potential partner on Monday!  Now I need to hire a full-time web programmer and designer, and get seed money.  (It's going to cost $30-$50K just for the website!  Ouch.)  But I've already got ideas on how to get the money.  Mosaic Theatre Company: We're just about ready to perform our show "Troy Story" (see photo) at Los Angeles schools.  Just need to cast the actors, revamp the sets, and finish the school proposal, and it's good to go for September.  

In the past 9 days, besides all this activity, I worked a 3-day Canon gig and a 2-day gig for the National Chiropractor Exam.  It's amazing that when I'm booked on paying gigs, and therefore have LESS TIME to spend on my own projects, I end up accomplishing MORE on them!  It's like I use my time better.  Right now I feel very inspired and "on my path".   It's a good feeling. I hope it lasts a while...

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Lisa Lee said...

You GO, girl! ;-D