Tuesday, May 6, 2008

AMPTP Suspends Negotiations with SAG

Los Angeles, May 6, 2008 -The AMPTP suspended negotiations with SAG today. SAG National President Alan Rosenberg said, "It is unfortunate and deeply troubling that the AMPTP would suspend our negotiations at this critical juncture. We have modified our proposals over the last three weeks in effort to bargain a fair contract for our members. We are committed to preserving rights that have been in place for decades and not giving the studios the right to use excerpts of our work in new media without our consent and negotiation. Our team is prepared to work around the clock for as long as it takes to get a fair deal. We want to keep the town working."

According to SAG, over the last four weeks SAG negotiated and modified many of its proposals to the AMPTP, while, the AMPTP has offered only a few modifications to its new media proposal which was submitted to SAG in three documents containing 36 provisions that differed from the deals agreed to with the WGA and DGA.

Also troubling to SAG, the AMPTP put forward a proposal in which management's clip demand would gut existing provisions regarding actors' consent to use of their clips and would allow studios and networks to use or sell clips - going forward and from their libraries - in any way they choose and without consent.

SAG's Chief Negotiator Doug Allen stated, "We were hopeful that we could continue negotiations and reach a tentative agreement. We modified our proposals in effort to narrow the gap between us and now we need the AMPTP do the same. SAG's objective is to keep the town working and get a fair contract, so we are gravely disappointed that we will now have to delay to a process that we started over three weeks ago. We are willing to work for as long as it takes to negotiate a good agreement for our members."

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