Friday, May 2, 2008

POA: On the Way!

Happy Friday.  Well, Karen is totally onboard as a co-founder for Patron of the Arts. And she is already the amazing asset I thought she would be!  It was so nice to have a meeting where someone else was as on top of things as I was.  I could relax my brain a bit. She completely sees the potential of this company. We each have our assignments laid out, and I'm already 1/2 way through with mine.  I've set up emails for each of us at the website, created an online google sharing doc, and researched the company name in regard to Trademark.  Next steps: form non-profit. (I May not even need a lawyer to file the non-profit papers, if I use Mosaic for templates).  --NO CINDY-- You need to be doing other things.  Okay -we need a lawyer!  And also: need a talented Website Designer and Programmer who's experienced with creating extremely complicated sites.  Send referrals!  Oh, I'm going to ask my brother how to write this job description.  

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