Thursday, May 1, 2008

POA: Creating a Game Plan

I'm still fighting the remnants of that nasty cold, but my voice has almost returned to normal.  It's been fun sounding raspy and different, but I'm ready to be well again.  I'm dying to go back to the gym and return to my routine with full energy.  Today Karen is coming over and I'm going to go over all the initial ideas I have for this new non-profit company: POA.  Map out the mission,  budget, company structure, job responsibilities, etc..,  She wants to be involved with the start-up as a founder; I only hope she has the time!  Fingers crossed--she'd be a great asset!  In the meantime, I think we're going to need atleast 2 more people.   I can't wait for the Launch and to tell EVERYONE about the new company.  I think it will be a truly revolutionary resource for filmmakers to gather film funding.  Pretty soon!   In the meantime, I am seeking a kick-ass web designer (it's a BIG job), and a lawyer to do our non-profit papers and advise.  Referrals are welcome!  Also need someone to design a great logo!

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