Friday, October 3, 2008

SAG / AMPTP Negotiations Update

Leaders of the Screen Actors Guild appeared to have selected an odd day -- when media stocks were in free-fall -- to urge the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers to resume negotiations. In an open letter sent to the AMPTP and the news media on Monday and published as an ad in Tuesday's Daily Variety, SAG President Alan Rosenberg and National Executive Director Doug Allen proposed that the two sides focus on three issues, one involving "force majeure" protection and the two others involving new media. The letter warned, "If your intransigence continues, however, our choices become harder and fewer."

AMPTP President Nick Counter responded, essentially tossing the "intransigence" accusation back into SAG's lap, by stating "we do not believe that it would be productive to resume negotiations at this time given SAG's continued insistence on terms which the companies have repeatedly rejected." Courtesy IMDB

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