Monday, September 30, 2013

Color Correction: Hurrying to make the deadline!

We finished color correcting and outputting the screening copy of ODD BRODSKY just 4 days before our World Premiere screening in San Fransisco! Talk about cutting it close! It was so much fun working at Tunnel Post in Santa Monica with our awesome colorist Taylor Mahony.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

World Premiere of Odd Brodsky SOLD OUT in under 48 hours!

HOLY MOLY!! Our Saturday night screening of ODD BRODSKY (October 5th) at the Mill Valley Film Festival SOLD OUT in less than 48 hours! And tickets are not even for sale online yet!! This is from film society members buying tickets at the Box Office! If you are coming to the festival and were hoping to see the movie on Saturday night please EMAIL ME ASAP. I had no idea this would happen! I'm going to contact the festival and see if there's a wait list--or if anything can be done to get our people in. There ARE still tickets available for Friday night October 4th and they will be available online starting SUNDAY 9/15. More news as I have it. Go Go Brodskies!!

Here's our program page and ticket info.