Friday, June 21, 2013

Pre-Mix=No Sleep for me!

I thought I'd turn over all the sound files on Monday for the PreMix this week. But instead each reel has taken a full day to prepare and output all the elements for FX, BGs, Foley and Music! So I finish a reel, turn it over to sound, and then race to finish the next reel in time for the next day's session. All the while Vickie (my supervising sound editor) is doing the same for the Dialogue and ADR. Five reels in five days (which is CRAZY fast.) Finished reel 5 prep last night. I'm beat. After the PreMix is done, we'll see exactly what we need to do for the Final mix. 6:22am and already exhausted.  This is my awesome ADR supervisor, sound editor and recordist and pre-sound mixer Felix!  He's the best!