Thursday, July 29, 2010

SCREAM QUEEN at Hollyshorts

The rough cut of SCREAM QUEEN (written by and directed by the talented Lis Fies) was invited to premiere at the prestigious Hollyshorts Film Festival! (I play the lead role of Buffy). Opening night party was at the DGA on Sunset Blvd, and the short screened at the Leammle to a GREAT crowd who loved it! Our screening was on my birthday (how fun!!) and couldn't have gone better... This short's already been invited to screen at 4 more festivals! FUN!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

July 24: Life in a Day

Today people from all around the world are taking out their video cameras and submitting footage to the LIFE IN A DAY documentary, produced by Ridley Scott, which will premiere at Sundance. If they include your footage you get co-directing credit! How fun. Matt and I shot footage of us waking up, making smoothies and trimming our gigantic Willow tree. For more info go here:

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

POTA wins a $20K grant from Chase!

Thanks so much to everyone who voted. Thanks to you, our dream of having funds to get our nonprofit company to the next level is happening! We worked round' the clock gathering votes from friends and family, filmmaking organizations and festivals, from live events and even on movie sets! We're gonna do a lot of good with this. Goal #1 is to hire some help so we can grow faster and to spread the word about the programs we offer!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Official Launch Party

POTA became an official 501(c)3 nonprofit company earlier this year, but we never had a proper celebration. Well today that changed! We gathered at Hollywood Billiards and toasted the new company. Also was a great opportunity to collect last minute votes for the grant contest. Cheers POTA! This one's for you...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Rainn Day and Beyond...

Wow! It's been a crazy busy year it's been! Just got back from spending Memorial Day weekend in Atlanta with Matt. He's on the set of his latest feature called QUARANTINE 2: TERMINAL, which was back-to-back with shooting his prior feature THINGS FALL APART. Normally he's home for longer stretchs in between, but this time we only had a weekend in LA together before he left for Michigan! My whirlwind 3 day weekend in Atlanta was a blast. We visited Piedmont Park, went to the Farmer's Market, hit the Atlanta Jazz Festival, had Lobsters at Legal Seafood, had catfish at Boneheads, and spent some quality time. Then I flew home just in time to shoot my 2 days on the feature FEW OPTIONS ALL BAD.

It was a blast being on set with Rainn Wilson (from The Office) and Kenny Johnson (The Sheild). I only had a few lines, but I had my own trailer. I had to miss the opening night party for Dances With Films since our shoot went until about 11pm --but I'm not complaining! I'll take work as a paid SAG actress on an AWESOME film any day! The next week at DWF was a blast. I did my social networking thing and helped filmmakers make the most of their experience. I also ended up taking a TON of photos. Right after DWF ended I shot the lead role in Lis Fies' SCREAM QUEEN at the Hollywood Cemetery and also did a voice-over for CANARY SUICIDES.

The next week I had a gig at Samy's and then I flew back to Atlanta to spend 2 weeks on the set of Matt's movie with him. On the way I stopped off in Austin and spent 3 days with Josh and his family. I finally met my niece and nephew, and I am not being biased at all when I say these are THE CUTEST kids I have ever met. Truly...

All the while we'd entered the Chase contest for the second time to try and win a $20K grant for POTA. With Jennifer Hazel by my side. The two of us were unstoppable! I took my computer to the set, and got all the the actors and crew (even the extras) to vote! On the weekends Matt and I made the most of our travels. We went to the Atlanta aquarium, which has the largest tank in the word, had more lobster at Legal Seafood, spent the fourth of July at Stone Mountain, and saw fireworks from our patio of our fancy downtown hotel. We also visited the Botanical Gardens. The good thing about going home this time was knowing that a week and a half later Matt would be home too...