Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Thanks For The Memories 2014

Thanks for the memories 2014!  We had a blast screening at 11 film festivals coast to coast, receiving awards & seeing the movie in theaters with live audiences from Los Angeles to Boston, at incredible venues like the historic Egyptian Theatre, the Chinese Theatres, the Laemmle Theatres (in Beverly Hills and North Hollywood) and at LA Live Regal Cinemas downtown. We had a blast spending quality time together with the Odd Brodsky family and making new memories. And yet I have a feeling that 2015 will be even better! Cant' wait to have more adventures together in 2015! As Audrey would say "Keep Banging!" 

 P.S. Here is what still remains on the Odd Brodsky WISHLIST: Festival screenings in: Portland (OR), Texas and New York would rock my socks. Then I'd love me a little RedBox, Walmart, Cable and online platforms. AND... if its not too much to ask, if we could get a (positive) review in the Hollywood Reporter or Variety, and more press so that more people can know about the movie, that would be fantastic! Thank you in advance!! <3 u="">

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