Monday, October 27, 2014

MA Screenings of ODD BRODSKY

It was a full house last night for the FilmShift Festival in Boston at the Somerville Theatre. It was wonderful to see family and friends last night including some who I haven't seen seen I was in camp or high school! Sadly the theater had some major projection issues, which is why Matt always says "Projectionist gets final cut".  Regardless, I am truly grateful for all of the love and support.

The next day we traveled up to the North Shore for the screening of ODD BRODSKY at The Cape Ann Community Cinema in beautiful Gloucester. What a GREAT time! Thanks to everyone who came out, including Nicky Galvin --who was my best friend in 7th grade! And to Darlene Webb (Sweeney) my roommate when I was 21 who brought lots of friends to the screening! Also to my "Brodskies" (Arlene, Grace and Hayley) who saw the movie 2 nights in a row, both here and in Somerville!! And to the great local crowd. This Q&A was especially fun because of the unusual and creative questions! If you haven't been to this gorgeous little town and this wonderful theater, you MUST!

Photos from both festival are here:

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