Saturday, September 13, 2008

Maybe God's A Woman Too

Every time I watch Peter Bogdanovitch's THE THING CALLED LOVE (1993) I have to say I love it even more!  This film represents to me everything that I could want in a movie.  The story, the reveal of the story (long, skillful takes with great blocking, and no band-aid coverage), the music, the acting, the relationships, the characters, the pace, the tone, the journey, the heart.  It's the story of a group of young songwriters in Nashville trying to make it in the music business. This was River Phoenix's last film and he is simply brilliant.  It's also one of Sandra Bullock's earlier film, and she is a riot as Linda Lue Linden.   Dermot Mulroney rips your heart out with an honesty that's rare, and of course Samantha Mathis as the lead is a character I think most young people can relate to, no matter what dream it is that you are following. This blog entry's title is an homage to the very sweet and moving final song in the film. I just adore this piece.


EYOWYN said...

I love this movie!! Blame it on your lyin', cheatin', cold, dead, beatin', two-timin', double dealing , mean, mistreating loving heart!

Lisa Lee said...

One of my favorites! I've always loved River Phoenix.