Friday, September 5, 2008

I Spy Another Baer

We actually heard back from the lawyers yesterday.  I was shocked by the speedy reply.  After what happened in June (I was injured, submitted evidence, and never received any explanation) part of me expected to be ignored again. Of course, none of our questions were answered satisfactorily, but at least they responded.  It's the start. Not sure if I can write about the next steps here, but I'll certainly write whatever I can legally. Personally I'm not worried about "showing my cards"on my blog because I'm not playing any games. It's very cut and dry. The thing I find the most intriguing is that one of the lawyers is named Baer!  I've never met anyone else (besides immediate family) with my last name before.  And now, of all times, here he is. I would normally be very excited about this.  I'm going to look on the family tree to see if he's there.  It's not a completed tree, but how amazing (and sad) that would be?   

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