Tuesday, September 30, 2008

House votes down bailout plan; Dow drops 778

Yesterday was yet another historical day: the Dow Jones industrial average suffered its single worst point drop ever, taking a 777.68-point nosedive after the House voted against a proposed plan that was stitched together over the weekend by administration officials and congressional leaders to try to stabilize financial markets and unthaw frozen credit markets. Full story at USAToday

It's hard not to feel scared when newscasters paint a doomsday scenario. Even the "calm" reporters talked faster than usual, telling us not to worry, as they spoke of banks having no money to cash paychecks, people having no money for food and bills and a massive loss of jobs. I have to say it feels like a scare tactic. I don't know what to think. A bill like this is one of most important bills outside of war or impeachment that a member could ever have to vote on. I don't think it should be taken lightly. Maybe we should just CALM DOWN and take the time needed to make the BEST possible plan.  

It's been interesting watching the political stations swing things. They all do it, but Fox is simply infuriating. The accusations they make to turn the blame from Republicans to Democrats on anything and everything is astounding. I wish that reporters could be held accountable for the random and calculated accusations they make on television. I can't believe what I am watching. Fox republicans are freaking out about the new voting rule in Ohio, since Obama has such a huge following of college students there. They are making accusations about cheating, fraud, and trying to overturn the new ruling. For my sanity I'm changing the channel now... 

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