Friday, September 26, 2008


This week I had lunch with Laurie, the talented and amazing producer of AUGUSTA GONE. Laurie is such a doll and she adores the script for ODD BRODSKY! The way Laurie and I met is very special. Last December my dear friend Larisa had her annual holiday feast. Well, we each brought a dish to share, and my dish was a delicious pumpkin soup.  Anyway, as I was in the kitchen stirring the soup, two women were talking nearby. I couldn't help but overhear one of them say the words "Prism Awards". Of course I turned to them and said "Did you just say Prism Awards?". It turns out that Laurie won a Prism Award in 2007 for producing AUGUSTA GONE. So here's the kismet part. Not only was I on the judging committee for the 2007 Prism Awards, but I was a judge of HER category "movie of the week"!! Of course I adored her film; it had a strong parallel to PURGATORY HOUSE with similar issues and heart.  Needless to say we hit it off immediately.  Now Laurie has moved to Burbank, so we are neighbors!  She loves ODD BRODSKY and wants to help bring it to life!  

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