Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Nicest "No"

I heard back from Greene Street Films. He said that ODD BRODSKY was a "very funny and unique script which has a lot going for it" but the subject matter was very similar to a film they already made a few years ago called LISA PICARD IS FAMOUS. Oh Well. Atleast all the feedback we've been getting is positive!! I'm gearing up to shoot in July (and hopefully use the Actor's strike in my favor!)

1 comment:

Lisa Lee said...

How would the actor's strike be worked in your favor?? I don't understand..

I'm sorry to hear about the film company saying No. :-/ BUT, it just means they weren't the right company. You're getting so much positive feedback that the RIGHT company is bound to come along soon! :) I'm anticipating that upcoming blog post! :)