Sunday, April 27, 2008

Goddess Retreat

Just got home from my women's group retreat in Summerland, California --up by Santa Barbara.  The Goddesses and I (yup, that's our name!) celebrated our ten year anniversary as a group.  Wow.  Ten years! Where does the time go?   

At our last retreat (in Portland, Oregon) I remember staying up very late one night telling Tamera  (far right in the photo) the entire story line of ODD BRODSKY.  Now here it is, all shot-listed, budgeted, scheduled, and ready to go!

It was a fun trip, but entirely too short.  And I had a pretty bad cold the entire time! But I certainly had my share of relaxing. I enjoyed the hammock in back (see top pic) as well as cuddling with Flippy the cat, who lived here.  We had great healthy meals, talked for hours, had fun on the beach, and worked on personality enneagrams (Apparently I'm a "5" Investigator and a "7" Enthusiast).   

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