Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Big Five and My Plans To Take Over The World

Now that's a title! Sometimes I feel paralyzed by Opportunity. In my strategizing out-of-the-box ideas to finance ODD BRODSKY I came up with an amazing concept for a new non-profit company that would help OTHER filmmakers finance their films! Although I came up with this idea three weeks ago, I haven't had time to work on it. I really need a team of people and an office.

Find Office Space (in Burbank)
Find a Producing Parnter
Write Job Descriptions and Delegate tasks

Current Large Projects and "To Do's"
1. ODD BRODSKY: Finish Financing, Confirm shoot date, get team
2. PATRON OF THE ARTS: Mission, to do's, job description list, fill jobs
3. MOSAIC THEATRE: Meet with Katrina, make job list, fill jobs
4. OFFICIAL SELECTION: Decide on the story beats by 4/30/07
5. New House

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