Friday, March 28, 2008

Welcome Home!

My husband's been in Toronto this week doing the D.I. for THE ECHO, where it's been snowing! He has a great colorist who who's very clever with subtle little tweeks. Director Yam Laranas pays a nice complement on his blog. Matt comes home tomorrow and I can't wait! Welcome home Matt!!


Matt said...

Actually... it was SUPPOSED to snow, but never did more than flurry. Cold, though... freakin' cold!! Can't wait to come home TODAY; thanks for the sweet wifey blog!


Hmm, this comment leaves me in quite the dilemma.. Normally with new information, such as this, I'd go and correct the info in my blog. But, if I correct it now, no one will know why you wrote what you did. Unless they are very clever and can read between the lines. I shall let it stand at this! Have a safe flight! Can't wait to see you!!

Lisa Lee said...

Have a great "welcome home"! :)