Thursday, March 6, 2008

Number Nine

God Shot #9: So I'm driving in my car yesterday, late for a meeting with Rainstorm Entertainment. Normally I'd be freaking out being this late. But what could I do? Make a phone call and hope that the freight train would finally go by. While stuck in the car, I asked myself "Cindy, can you see ODD BRODSKY" happening?" (You see, sometimes I just have this knowing feeling about things.) Well, I kid you not: RIGHT THEN a new song was starting on the radio. "da da. da da da". It was "On Broadway"! This is my ODD BRODSKY song! When I told Matt this story, his jaw dropped. I'm tuned in baby!

1 comment:

Lisa Lee said...

Maybe God wants to see "Odd Brodsky" on stage instead of screen. ;)

"ODD BRODSKY - the musical"!

But yes! You always know you're on track when you get all these cool signs! :) Yay for synchronicity!