Sunday, October 19, 2008

Palin Disappoints on SNL

Saturday Night Live made out like a bandit with it's highest ratings in years as they dragged Sarah Palin over the coals. One has to wonder what she was thinking by agreeing to appear on the show, with nothing to say, no witty skit planned, nothing...  She just stood there as SNL cast regulars and Alec Baldwin made fun of her.  Matt and I watched the NBC Internet playback with out jaws dropped to the ground when Palin appeared on "Weekend Update" and instead of actually participating in the sketch, Amy Poehlar took center stage and performed a solo political rap instead. Palin sat there and bounced her head to Amy's rap, which was a roast that Palin did not seem to understand was at her expense.  How could McCain's camp let this happen?  We sat there dumbstruck as a person dressed in a moose costume was shot and killed in front of her.  As an Obama supporter, I truly feared that if Sarah showed any charisma she would help the McCain campaign.  (I have to admit McCain was pretty spectacular at the Charity Dinner only a few days earlier.)  Had she pulled off something similar, it could have made a difference.  But never did I expect she would just sit there doing NOTHING as the cast made fun of her. I almost (almost) felt bad for her.

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