Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Greetings from Utah

Our hotel in Salt Lake City is really cute and in a great location. My time here is going by too fast!  On Saturday I hung out with Matt on the set of his latest film WAITING FOR FOREVER, and had fun watching the special effects for the train crash being filmed, complete with stunt people.  That night it began to snow, and it continued right into Sunday. It was a downright gorgeous snowfall consisting of the largest snowflakes I've ever seen!  I swear, some of these snowflakes were the size of quarters! Driving home from set the next day we saw the most beautiful and gigantic full moon sitting just atop the mountaintop vista.  It was spectacular!  Later that night we watched the Dodgers game at a bar with the director James Keach, producer Trevor Albert, cast (Nikki Blonsky, Nelson Franklin, Tom Sturridge & Scott Mechlowicz) and some crew. Now the snow has completely cleared and it is unseasonably warm again.  (Photo left: Capital Building)

I feel helpless being far from home as two fires rage out of control in the San Fernando Valley, near where we live.  Yet I feel grateful to be here, breathing in this amazingly fresh air, and away from the thick smoke which I hear engulfed the 101 freeway.  In economic news, the DJ was up by 936 yesterday.  This (the largest single-day increase in history) was expected as the government began buying up bank shares with the $750B Tax bailout.  They say this "government regulating" of private businesses is temporary, but I'll believe it when/if our taxpayer money is ever returned. Obama made an AMAZING speech yesterday that was followed by a rather empty speech by McCain. Hearing and watching the two back-to-back reinforced my feelings yet again.  

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