Saturday, August 23, 2008

Rest in Peace Kathryn

I hate the internet. I just found out in an email that Kathryn Skatula, (the actress who played Sam's mom in PURGATORY HOUSE) passed away. Now I'm not blaming the internet for the news, but how can such important news come in such a cold way. Maybe I should be grateful. Maybe it it were not for the internet I would never have known of Kathryn's passing. I guess I just feel very very sad. This was unexpected. Kathryn was such a lovely soul. She helped me feel like the work we were doing really made a difference in the world. (This photo is of Kathryn at our Los Angeles premiere of PURGATORY HOUSE). I'm glad she did the Q&A and will forever be remembered in our "making of" DVD. Rest in peace Kathryn.

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