Friday, August 15, 2008


Last night Katrina and I attended the World Premiere of my producer/actor friend Christo's lastest movie AUDIE & THE WOLF at the Downtown Film Festival, at the beautiful, historic Los Angeles Theater.  (I actually auditioned for this, but didn't get the part.) I had seen a private "work in progress" screening back in December, but now seeing it all finished and on the big screen was so much fun! AUDIE plays really well with an audience. Congratulations everyone!!!


Freckles said...

Is "Audie" the name of a person or is this a reference to audiologists? I was chatting with others and someone called an audiologist an "audie". Because "audie" is like an abbreviation for an audiologist.

Wow! So this is a werewolf film. How did you get to see the private "work in progress" despite not having a role in the film? Sounds intriguing! If I was in the Los Angeles vicinity, I would definitely see the film! Alas, I am too far away (northern CA).

Great news that the audience loved the film! Wondering if it will be released to the general public.

Lisa Lee said...

Love your "OM" shirt! :)