Wednesday, August 13, 2008

AMPTP / SAG Negotiations Update

The national negotiating committee met today for an update regarding informal meetings and discussions with the industry, and to discuss SAG’s options and next steps.

Expired Contract Still in Effect
The expired TV/Theatrical contract remains in effect. Actors should continue auditioning and accepting employment under the expired agreement. If you or your agent have any questions, please call the national contract department at (323) 549-6818. 

Signed SAG Guaranteed Completion Contracts (GCC) over 600
To date, 658 projects have been signed by non-AMPTP producers (AMPTP producers are not eligible to sign GCCs). The GCC agreements incorporate the terms of the current SAG theatrical agreement, and terms of any agreement reached by SAG and the AMPTP retroactively, thus allowing companies not affiliated with the AMPTP to begin motion pictures without the fear of interruption by a work stoppage. The total number of SAG covered feature films in 2007, not including ultra low budget and student films, was 1,296. Using that number as a baseline, over half the potential number of films this year have the green light to continue shooting to completion under SAG GCC agreements, no matter what happens in contract negotiations. Remember, these are not waivers, but actual contracts.

August 15 AMPTP Deadline
The AMPTP has stated that SAG must ratify the AMPTP’s June 30 proposal by August 15 for the deal to be retroactive, threatening not to agree to apply economic improvements in the new TV/Theatrical contract when the deal is done, retroactively to July 1, 2008.  

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