Thursday, July 17, 2008

No Deal from SAG

I just received an email from SAG saying they are not accepting the terms of the AMPTP contract.  "Your national negotiating committee has not accepted the June 30 offer put across the table by the Alliance of Motion Pictures and Television Producers (AMPTP.) For one reason and one reason only: It’s not a good offer. It doesn’t address enough of your priorities (as outlined in past SAG Contract 2008 Reports), particularly in new media..."

So what happens now?  With the Writer's strike earlier this year California has already lost billions of dollars in revenue.   Even though the SAG strike has not yet happened, its already affecting our industry, an my own life personally.  As the studios halt production, big DP's (like Matthew Libatique who shot IRON MAN and John Bailey who shot a ton of main stream films including THE BIG CHILL and AS GOOD AS IT GETS) and other studio crew people are reportedly taking smaller budgeted Independent films away from the littler fish.  Littler fish meaning... us.  What a year it's been for our industry.  And it's only July. I'm worried.

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