Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Waiting Game.

Hi everyone,
Well, it's been an extremely long 9 days.  Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote and have your voice be heard in the grant competition, and for sharing this crazy journey with Jenn and me.  We had a ton of votes come in yesterday, and I only hope it's enough to win, considering the loss of our Craig's Lists votes.  To everyone who has phoned or sent emails, I'll let you know when I hear anything.  (Also, I believe the contest sends out an email announcing the winners to everyone who voted.)

Jenn and I want to send our heartfelt thanks to everyone who voted for us, including friends, family, and all the amazing organizations including: The Hampton's Table, Dances With Films, Film Radar, Filmmaker's Alliance, SoCalFilm, IndieTalk.com, Micro Filmmaker Magazine, Filmmakers at the LA Film Festival, Hollywood Happy Hour and team leaders and blogger/posters: Robin Brodsky, Susan Shearer, Debi Hall, Jim Shea, Kathy Close, Seth Aronson, Deidre Wagner, Serita Stevens, Barbara Kerr Condon, Lisa Lee, Cyndy Bohonovsky, Joshua & Amy Baer, Anne Marie Bank, Julie Marsh, Lis Fies, Neil Kaplan Alex E, Leslee, Morgan, Matt and our last but not least Kristin.  (I'm adding to this list as I think of people --please let me know if I've left you off!!)  

With love and gratitude,


Melanee said...

I really hope POTA wins this grant! This is an idea whose time has come to be put into fruition, and you deserve to be able to make it happen!

Paul Petschek said...

Wonderful idea. The film community and the community at large can truly benefit from this. Thanks for your hard work and excellent idea.

Lisa Lee said...

Have you heard anything yet?? I sure hope POTA wins! We need a company like this~! :)

susanshearer said...

I hope your program wins - it's an amazing out-of-the-box-thinking-idea that will benefit so many people, not only in the entertainment community but those who get to view the finished projects and be touched moved and inspired by them.
Thanks for playing fair and best wishes for your success,
Susan Shearer :0)

karatekat said...


I really hope you end up getting this grant. Your idea is so great and you created such a positive community spirit as you rounded up votes. You definitely deserve to have all your hard work and good attitude pay off.

Michael Wisnieux said...

Cindy, you're a truly kind and genuine visionary. Guided by higher purpose, IMHO. :-) It's an honor to know you... count on my support... of course I voted for you!

~ Michael.

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Hmmm. (Still trying to figure out how this commenting thing works. --I tried to edit the previous post and ended up deleting it.) Take 2:
THANKS SO MUCH to everyone for your support! I know we are all anxious for news, and full of hope for a program that can help so many people in a poor economy. I'll post a blog as soon as I have any news I can share. Also, I believe that Ideablob sends out an email to everyone that voted, and lets them know who won. Thanks again for all your love and support. C