Friday, July 4, 2008

A Fourth Without Fireworks

California is burning. Lighting strikes have started thousands of fires this week, and over 70 are still burning in Santa Barbara county. There's been a mandatory evaluation for residents along 25 miles of PCH and all of Big Sur (which is home to writers and artists inspired by living in one of the most beautiful places in the country) has been evacuated. 55,000 acres have burned, threatening 12,000 homes and a number of historic buildings. High temperatures, high winds and low humidity make the work of firefighters more difficult.

Gov. Schwarzenegger has requested Californians to refrain from using fireworks this year. According to the LA Times, "Instead of temporarily forbidding sparklers and their pyrotechnic kin, he should be pushing for a permanent, statewide ban on so-called safe and sane fireworks... Especially bad fire seasons are becoming less special in California. As global warming raises temperatures and lowers precipitation through much of the state, longer and drier fire seasons are predicted for coming decades." Please take extra care when celebrating this year.

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