Sunday, June 1, 2008

Will you help us win $10,000?

My Idea
Pretty please? Just go to OUR PAGE  and cast a vote!  This contest awards entrepreneurs who have the most innovative, new business ideas.  If we get the most votes, our new non-profit company will win $10,000 in start-up money!  I promise that it only takes about 30 seconds to complete the process. 

The idea for the entry POTA is listed on the page, but in a nutshell, my business parter Jenn and I are creating a non-profit company called Patron of the Arts (POTA) that will help filmmakers fund their projects! This FREE program is more extensive, with even more benefits than I listed on the page --since they limit you to 700 words, but it will help so many deserving filmmakers finally see their films, pilots, web-i-sodes, and art come to life.  

Will you please vote for us right now?  We must get the most number of votes before June 7th.  And then if we win this round, you can vote one more time the week of June 22nd.  So don't forget your register information! -Don't wait!  Go now... THANK YOU!!! 

And will you PLEASE TELL your friends to vote too?  
With love and gratitude,


Lisa Lee said...

Ok, I cast my vote and left a comment there as well. Best of luck! :)


Thank you so much!!