Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I'm In The Soup

"In the Soup" is when things are easy, and you feel like you're right where your supposed to be.  It's when everything just falls effortlessly into place.  And I'll tell you,  it's been awhile since I've had this feeling.  But for the past few days the stars are aligned and everything is going RIGHT!  I had an amazing trip, flew on a brand new plane, emergency row window seat that reclined, stayed at a GORGEOUS hotel that overlooked the water, (and overlooked the very spot Matt and I traveled to as part of our honeymoon!), had the easiest job, and I'm back home from my whirlwind trip at 10am!  I got so much accomplished while I was away, and so many new ideas.  I hope to stay "in the soup" for the rest of the month.  That would be nice!

1 comment:

Lisa Lee said...

Read this title and 1st thought it meant you're going to be in THE SOUP, meaning the E! show with Joel McHale! ;D

But then I wondered why. Hehe

See how my brain works? ;p