Friday, November 5, 2010

Someone is getting STALKED in NYC

Matt and I were in New York City for a gig this week (for the third time in 2 months!), and I REALLY wanted to shoot something. I put out a call for scripts, but nobody responded. So Matt came to the rescue and wrote me a REALLY GREAT 5 minute short! We spent 3 nights with our DP friend Jenny Ramirez running all over the city grabbing shots with our Canon 5DMarkII, and came up with a great little project with fantastic production value, considering it only cost about $100! We shot at the hotel we were staying at in Times Square, and found locations in a Bodega, Times Square, an outside Cafe, the subway and an elevator.

My favorite fun fact about this project is that for the score, we ended up using a piece that Matt had composed and performed in 1994!! We transfered it to the computer and it worked perfectly --16 years later!! good fun. I love this short film so much!!

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