Monday, July 27, 2009

Cindy Needs...

This is HILARIOUS!!! Google your name followed by the word needs in quotes - e.g. “XXX needs” and see what you get. Here are the top 5 things that Cindy needs, according to Google:

1. Cindy needs a tall, cold glass of STFU.
2. Cindy needs your help.
3. Cindy needs to rub some good lotion.
4. Cindy needs some Craigslist magic!
5. Cindy needs to stay on that bus.

Now here are the top 5 things Cindy needs according to Cindy Baer:
1. Cindy needs to get off this computer.
2. Cindy needs to take a break.
3. Cindy needs to eat something other than m&m's.
4. Cindy needs funding for ODD BRODSKY.
5. Cindy needs to book a shuttle bus in Australia.

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